Joe Holcombe

Joe grew up in Eastatoee (East a toe e) valley in the northern most mountains of Pickens County, SC, the epitome of a country boy. This heritage gave him the knowledge of enjoying God’s great big outdoor world. After graduating from Pickens High school with a PHD (Pickens High Diploma), Joe followed in his parents footsteps and entered the textile world, but just a couple of years later realized that he wanted to be self employed. That’s when he started a career in the insurance business in 1984 and never looked back. He met his mentor and “daddy in the business world”, Winston Tate. In 1997, they met “Circle of Wealth” software and “infinite banking” which helps build greater NET WEALTH without using any risk. That’s been his business passion ever since. In 2017, he was introduced to Drexel Mixson and became a part of the team in 2021.

He has been married to a wonderful wife, Karen since 1991 and they have a cat Betsy and two dogs, Oreo and Sophie. And lastly and most importantly, Joe surrendered his life to the LORD in 1980 and has been teaching Sunday School ever since.