Workplace Wellness

Proactive Health Management Plan

The Proactive Health Management Plan is much more than a wellness plan. PHMP was developed to create the most effective Population Health Management benefit program in the United States. It is designed to significantly incentivize employees to change behavior and improve their lifestyles while having a positive impact on the culture of an organization. PHMP engages all levels of health including the 20% of employees that are driving 80% of medical claims.

What makes PHMP unique?

  • Reduces operational cost over $400 per employee.
  • Increases employee take home pay an average of 2% to 5%.
  • Incentives employees towards better behavior.
  • Telemedicine, talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere at NO COST.
  • Available to employees with and without medical coverage.
  • Compliments your current benefits.

PHMP at work

PHMP certified trainers and health coaches design uniquely tailored training and prevention programs that are built to address the health needs and goals of each employee. These coaches provide prevention plans, encouragement and follow-up to monitor progress and adjust programs. Being poactive is as easy as one communication per month via, phone, text or online to receive the $625 monthly claim payment.


PHMP Employer

How Do You Qualify for PHMP Benefits