Meet Michelle Williby

Michelle Williby lives outside Richmond, Va., although originally from Santa Clara, Ca. Her family has been in the financial services and insurance industry for 3 generations. She is a single mom of 3 amazing boys and two dogs. With a Marine, a Virginia Tech Hokie, and the youngest in sports year-round, Michelle looks for every spare moment to hit the beach and go surfing.

Michelle spent decades living her professional dream as director of special events in private clubs and the hospitality industry. She earned her BS in Business Management and MBA from Purdue University while working full-time in efforts to create new and sustainable goals in her industry.

After watching the destruction of so many family-owned businesses during the pandemic, Michelle pivoted her career to help guide professionals in the proper financial strategies to maintain control of their futures. Recognizing employee retention and benefits are a great value in the compensation package, she is passionate about bringing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.